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Main Features Of Dehydrated Vegetables
Jul 19, 2018

Compared with other fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables have the characteristics of small volume, light weight, recovery after entering water, convenient transportation and consumption. When eating, it is not only delicious, fresh, but also maintains the original nutritional value.

Dehydrated vegetables, also known as reconstituted vegetables, are dried vegetables made by washing and drying fresh vegetables, and removing most of the water from the vegetables. The original color and nutrients of the vegetables remained basically unchanged. It is easy to store and transport, and can effectively regulate the season of vegetable production. Just immerse it in clean water to restore it and preserve the original color, nutrition and flavor of the vegetables.

Dehydrated vegetables are divided into AD vegetables and FD vegetables.

AD vegetables

AD vegetables, also known as dried vegetables. Dehydrated vegetables made using the drying and dewatering mechanism are collectively referred to as AD vegetables.

FD vegetables

FD vegetables, also known as frozen vegetables. Dehydrated vegetables made using a freeze-drying mechanism are collectively referred to as FD vegetables.