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Fruit And Vegetable Crispy Refers To Snacks Made From Fresh Vegetables And Fruits Dehydrated Under Vacuum
Jul 19, 2018

Fruit and vegetable crispy refers to snacks made from fresh vegetables and fruits dehydrated under vacuum.

Fruit and vegetable chips

“Three does not change” – the color, nutrition and taste of the product do not change;

No reduction, no increase - no reduction in product except moisture; no increase in product except food;

High nutrition, low fat - using the international advanced HACCP quality control system, using the international advanced double-permeability double-filtration dehydration process, retaining the nutrients and trace elements in fruits and vegetables;

Non-expanding, non-fried - the production process of the product does not have a puffing process, using vacuum low temperature oil bath dehydration technology to avoid the product frying process.

Fruit and vegetable crispness is strictly different from expanded food such as potato chips, and will be a substitute for expanded food such as potato chips in the near future.