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Fruit And Vegetable Chips Product Characteristics
Jul 19, 2018

The vacuum technology used in fruit and vegetable chips is simple in the application of food drying, that is, under the condition of negative pressure, the boiling point of water is lowered, and the speed of water evaporation is increased. And because of the decrease in temperature, the drying process does not change much about food properties. The application of vacuum technology in food drying began in the 1940s. After a period of development, from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, it was mainly used to produce freeze-drying technology for astronaut food. In 1976, Japanese scholars Yamazaki, Tatsuo, and the like disclosed a method for preparing fried dehydrated apples under vacuum low temperature conditions. This is the beginning of the production technology of fruit and vegetable chips. Simply put, its products are still a kind of fruit and vegetable products.

The product is fried under low temperature in a vacuum. The concept of low temperature is relative to the normal low temperature, rather than the true low temperature. Some people call vacuum low temperature oil bath, which is to play with word games, can not change the essence of fried food. As a fried food, there are special requirements for its packaging. It should be protected from light, moisture, and placed in a cool place. Some manufacturers sell their products in bottles of transparent pet material, which in itself violates product characteristics. Will lead to short shelf life, easy to fade, and defeat. Packaging made according to the characteristics of its products should be made of opaque, airtight materials. In order to prevent it from breaking, it should be packed in air. Moreover, the gas to be charged should be nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide which do not have oxidation. Only such packaging can extend the shelf life and reduce the cost of sales. In addition, from the perspective of packaging, some products have some weight, and the proportion of these products will decline in the future.