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Fruit And Vegetable Chips Are Crispy And Have Different Flavors
Jul 19, 2018

Fruit and vegetable raw materials are seasonal. Although it can be stored by means of preservation, freezing, etc., it will increase the cost and affect the quality of the raw materials. Because of this characteristic, the single-package of products will have an increasing trend. Of course, assorted packaging will exist for a long time because of demand, but the number will decrease.

The raw materials of fruits and vegetables are regional, and the regionality of some raw materials of fruits and vegetables is particularly obvious. According to this feature, some manufacturers will process some raw materials with local characteristics. For example, some factories process tropical fruits, processed peppers, and winter jujubes. In the future, this feature will become more and more obvious.

The quality of fruit and vegetable chips directly affects the market's sales. The oil content is low. Products without chemical additives will gradually become the mainstream. In the past, some products with high oil content in the market will gradually replace the products with antioxidants. . The truly healthy green fruit and vegetable chips are the requirements of the market and the vast number of consumers to the manufacturers. In line with this requirement, enterprises can survive.

Fruit and vegetable chips are crispy, with different flavors and good health, suitable for all ages. It preserves the natural color, nutrition and flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables, and has the characteristics of low fat, low calorie and high cellulose. The oil content is obviously lower than that of traditional fried foods, it has no greasy feeling, and it will not produce 3-4 benzene. Carcinogens such as guanidine and acrylamide. Moreover, the storage period is long and the processing range is wide.