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Sushi seaweed commonly known as roasted seaweed
Jul 19, 2018

Sushi seaweed is commonly known as roasted seaweed, roasted seaweed; it belongs to red algae, red hairy algae. The algae are brown and purple, and are composed of a single layer or two layers of cells, which have a leaf shape, a heart shape, a ribbon shape and the like. A pseudo-root anchor in the lower part of the wild laver is attached to the rock. Up to 20-30 cm.

Differentiation method

Grade color gloss mouth feeling mixed


A dark green, especially bright, fragrant / crisp / import, no impurities, no holes

B Dark green Bright Fragrance / Crisp / Chew a little Green algae Large hole <3

C Green Brighter / slightly harder Some dead spots 3 < holes < 5

D light green dark darkness/hardness green algae or dead spot slightly

Many of the friends who have bought know that there are many products in the search for "seaweed" on the Internet, but if the price is arranged from low to high, the price is below 4 yuan, and there are three possibilities for saying that they are the roasted seaweed for sushi. :

A) Missing pages: There are no ten, deception.

B) Shoddy: With broken vegetables, breaking vegetables is not good for sushi. It is not broken or broken. You can't roll sushi after you buy it back.

C) The worst: use dried seaweed (grey) to pretend to roast seaweed, black heart! Especially be careful of the reddish dried seaweed, which has been degraded by the tide! Do not eat!