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Purple potato powder production method
Jul 19, 2018

The method of making purple potato whole powder is made through multiple processes, so purple potato has rich nutritional value and wide application. It has a large planting area in China, but fresh purple potato has high water content and long-term storage and preservation. The difficulty is large, and the nutrient consumption is large during the storage process, and the disease loss is serious. Therefore, in order to extend the supply time of the purple potato, it must be dried. Shandong Le Nong experiment focuses on the development of a sweet potato whole powder, which makes it easy to store and prolong the storage time. This sweet potato whole powder can be used as ingredients for steamed bread, rolls, bread, cakes, fillings, etc.

(1) Operating procedures

Ingredients: Choose three purple flesh colors: purple flesh, orange flesh, yellow flesh

(two) process

Washing 3 kinds of raw materials purple potato → peeling → shredded sliced → color protection → drying → crushing (measuring moisture) → packaging

1 Cleaning: It must be cleaned, which is related to the final quality of the product.

2 peeling: use a bamboo knife to remove the sweet potato skin, especially the concave part of the purple potato skin.

3 slices or silk: Cut the peeled purple potato into a certain size potato chips or potato chips with a vegetable slicer.

4 color protection: use a salt to make a 0.5% solution, soak the chopped purple potato chips or potato chips for a few minutes.

5 Drying: Drying with drying equipment to ensure the hygiene of the product, and pay attention to the temperature, generally between 45~50 °C, the drying time can be determined according to the size of the potato chips and silk, so that the final moisture is below 6%.

6 pulverization and packaging: The dried purple potato is pulverized by a hammer mill to make the fineness of the purple potato powder about 80 mesh.

(III) Results and Analysis The three dried purple potato powders were excellent in purple and orange sweet potato powder on the color, and the yellow sweet potato was darker in color. Therefore, purple and orange sweet potato varieties are selected as raw materials. The sweet potato powder produced by the above method can be used as a food material to produce a variety of foods. Such as sweet potato cake, sweet potato cake, sweet potato flower roll, sweet potato bread, etc., the production method can be steamed, boiled, fried.