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Purple potato powder application characteristics
Jul 19, 2018

1. Purple sweet potato powder contains natural pigment - anthocyanin, which is natural and colorful. It is added to various foods and has good coloring effect. It is suitable for use in medium and high-grade foods.

2. Purple potato is rich in nutrient balance and has health care functions. It is an excellent raw material for food processing. In the post-melamine era, consumers pay more attention to the safety and health of food. The products produced with purple potato powder can not only bring consumers a strong sensory impact, but also cater to consumers' safe and healthy food consumption concept. The wide variety of purple potato foods in the markets of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and the vacancies of similar products on the domestic market, also indicate a great development space for such products.

3. The various ingredients of the purple potato whole powder remain intact, which can strengthen the body fragrance and the tail fragrance of the product, and provide a good purple potato flavor for the product.

4, purple potato whole powder transport and storage are very simple, and convenient for further processing into other foods, in the non-purple potato season, can still produce a variety of purple potato food.


1. Add to the mixed beverage, solid beverage, cold drink and other products to provide a bright purple color to enhance the authenticity of the turbidity enhanced product;

2. As the main ingredients and ingredients of various kinds of cakes, provide the flavor of bright purple and purple potato products;

3, used in purple potato chips, biscuits and other products, with appropriate flavors, so that the taste of the product is more real, full body fragrance, long tail.